Kang is a Python GUI utility for creating, testing and debugging regular expressions for the Python programming language. Kang should aid any developer to efficiently and effortlessly develop regular expressions in Python.

Since Python’s implementation of regular expressions is based on the PCRE standard, Kang should benefit developers in other programming languages that also adhere to the PCRE standard (Perl, PHP, etc…).

It should be very usefull to learn Regular Expressions but could be helpull also for more advanced users.

Why the name Kang ?

Kang (the character) is the sibling of Kodos.

Kang (the software) is a fork of Kodos.

Kodos seems to be abbandoned and no longer maintained, it still uses Qt3 which were removed from all the major Debian distributions. So after unsucesfully try to contact the developer of Kodos I decided to start the porting to Qt4 myself. So Kang is the porting of Kodos to Qt4, plus the changes I decided to do during the way.


User Manual

Source code

Kang is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Code is hosted on github:



From source

sudo ./setup.py install
sudo ./setup.py integrate_desktop


Under Construction


Under Construction